Bin 106 Baco Noir 2020

2020 Bin 106 'Lost Boys' Limited Edition Baco Noir

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This Limited Edition Baco Noir comes from our oldest vineyards, from vines we shovel-planted as teens in 1984 in crooked rows that roll with our land. In homage to the summers we spent working on the farm, we affectionately call this wine Lost Boys. This barrel selection is from our top vineyards. The fruit from these old vines is aged in spicy North American oak and finished in subtle European oak. Expect a rich expression of the wine that has come to define our house and family style.

Winemaker's Notes

  • Soils are primarily lacustrine silty clay.
  • A single vineyard wine from an exceptional block that was shovel planted by the Speck Bros in 1984 and is predominantly south facing.
  • Sustainably grown under SWO.
  • Vineyards are not a monoculture, wildlife corridors are preserved.
  • Yields of 3.5 tonnes per acre.
  • All grapes gently moved by gravity.
  • Gently destemmed, mechanically sorted (optically as needed).
  • Cap gently managed through pulse-air during fermentation to extract natural rich fruit, intensity of colour and flavour.
  • All juice is separated from the skins with no press wine added back.
  • Aged in a combination of new and 1-year-old American barriques for 12 months. Through a three tier selection process, only the top performing barrels were selected, resulting in a 50% new oak allocation.

Food Matches

Smoked beef brisket, roasted vegetables with balsamic glaze, garlic parmesan frites.